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Neck Pain

The neck region consists of the most mobile vertebrae in our entire spine.

Therefore, it is susceptible to injuries and abnormal movements.

Especially in today’s conditions, some positional difficulties are among the important causes of neck pain. Keeping the head in a downward facing position for a long time during phone, tablet and computer use is one of the important reasons of neck pain.

Neck pain usually occurs as ‘mechanical neck pain’ due to the problems of the surrounding muscle groups and tendons without any problems in the spine and the nerves in it.

In cases of neck hernia or nerve compression due to calcification, severe pain spreading to the arms, numbness and even loss of strength can be seen.

Güliz Taşlı ile Sağlıklı Hayat | Doç. Dr. Mehmet Nuri Erdem


Although neck pain is often caused by harmless problems, a spine surgeon should definitely be consulted as it may also indicate a serious underlying disease.

After the physical examination, advanced diagnostic tests such as MRI, CT and EMG may be requested to determine the underlying cause of the complaints.

Treatment options will depend on the underlying cause.

Treatment can be planned in a range from simple methods such as medication, neck protector, physiotherapy to surgical procedures.

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