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Arthroscopy in Knee Arthritis

One of the treatment options for knee osteoarthritis(calcification) is arthroscopy surgery. The success of this procedure depends on the appropriate patient selection. It is not an effective method in advanced degrees of calcification.

What is Arthroscopy?

It is a closed surgery performed by penetrating the knee joint through two 0.5 cm holes. The joint is filled with water, the camera and other working tools are inserted through these small holes and all the problems in the joint are seen clearly. The image taken from the camera is transferred to the monitor and provides the surgeon a clear vision and treatment possibility about the current disease.

What Diseases is Knee Arthroscopy Used to Treat?

Today, arthroscopy is widely used in the treatment of many diseases involving the knee joint. Meniscal tears, anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament injuries, cartilage injuries and some diseases of the cartilage can be treated with arthroscopy. It is also possible to take a biopsy or clear some lesions in tumoral pathologies of the knee joint. Meniscus tears and anterior cruciate ligament repair operations, which are the most common disorders, are now performed with this closed method.

What is Arthroscopy Surgery Performed for Knee Osteoarthritis?

Calcification of the knee joint is not a problem that concerns only cartilage. All structures in the joint, such as the menisci, ligaments, synovia that covering the joint, are affected by this disease. In the early stages of calcification, when cartilage damage has not yet spread to large areas, operations to stop and repair damage can be performed with arthroscopy. In addition, the accompanying meniscal tears can also be repaired at the same session.

How Long does Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Take?

The operation takes about half an hour. The patient is hospitalized for 1 night, the next day s/he is up and walking, dressing is done and discharged. It is recommended to avoid movements that will tire the knee, long walks or long standing for 3 weeks.

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